Waiting, Care, and Affection

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Communications, Coronavirus

Dear Christ Church,

Advent is here! During Advent we are full of eager expectation, waiting and preparing for the coming King. As the liturgical colors change from green to purple, the color of royalty, we declare: “Come King Jesus. We watch and wait for you. We prepare our hearts for your coming.  Open our eyes to your daily presence. Establish your reign upon the earth. Come quickly, we pray, to put this world to rights.” You will notice several changes that set this season apart, from the smell of incense to new music to the lighting of the Advent candle to begin worship.

Advent of Care. Have you signed up for our Advent of Care yet? We’re calling on every single person at Christ Church to give or receive care, or both, this Advent. Here’s what it is, and here are the top five reasons for you to participate. In the first Advent God took human form to show the extent of his care. Awaiting the second Advent, we are Christ’s body demonstrating his care to each other, and to the world.

Thankful. I want to communicate to you, this Thanksgiving week, how grateful I am to be your Rector and priest. You are younger and older, newer to the faith and longer in the tooth, from all walks of life, and endlessly fascinating. Every new person I meet and story I hear reinforces my joy in this community, as does every twist and fold in the stories I’ve long held with you. You challenge and inspire me. You are an instrument of God’s soulcraft in my life. You’ve carried me through pain and joined me in persevering pursuit of God, for the praise of His glory and the sake of the world. I love you and I thank God for you.

Peace, Cliff+

P.S. Mark your calendar for our Dec. 6 outdoor worship at 5pm, with a fun twist for the Feast of St. Nicholas!