Top Five Reasons

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Communications, Coronavirus

Dear Christ Church,

Here are the Top Five reasons for you to sign up for the Advent of Care.What is that? I’m glad you asked. It’s our parish-wide opportunity for you to (a) pay attention to your soul and the presence of God in your life, in the company of another, and; (b) show the love of God in a practical way to someone outside the church. Back to the Top Five:

[#5] Because nothing is more important than your heart/soul, so why not carve out as much time for a personal “check-in” as for the gym, doctor, other aspects of well-being?

[#4] Because someone you know, outside the Church, is fighting a battle and you have the power to bring even the slightest reprieve with a caring act.

[#3] Because many of us have been more isolated than ever. Let’s end this year leaning into connection and presence!

[#2] Because sometimes we don’t know what we need until we’re asked good questions (I’m looking at you, men; this might apply especially to us).

[#1] Because 2020 has been one #@*! of a year and we’re all a little ragged.


Sign up now, right here, for the Advent of Care.

Peace, Cliff+

P.S. The Vestry and I just spent time this morning in our DEVOTED weekly devotional guide. This week is SO good. Next week is the final week!