The Advent of Care, Again

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Communications, Coronavirus

Dear Christ Church,

I’ve spent most of today at a feast and I am full. I’ll tell you more about that below, but first let me remind you of two important things:

[1] The Advent of Care. This is a call to every single one of you, each person who calls Christ Church home. It’s a call to do one thing that gives care to someone outside the church, and to receive care through a spiritual “check-up.” If you missed my explanation in last Sunday’s service, please watch this six-minute video for an explanation. Seriously. 🙂   I believe the Holy Spirit has led us into something that will be a ray of light piercing the darkness this Advent. After watching the video, register here.

[2] Adjustments to Regathering Plan for Sunday Worship. We’ve made some changes that you need to know, that will simplify the process of coming to church. Watch this seven-minute video to catch up! And join us for an outdoor worship service this Sunday evening at 5pm at 112 Medina St. (no registration required).

Back to the feast . . .today was the Matthew 25 Gathering we’ve been telling you about and, dear brothers and sisters, it was incredible. I can’t wait to share it with you as soon as the content is gathered and posted for online access. In the meantime, on behalf of Anglicans all over North America, I want to thank the dozens of Christ Church parishioners who have provided some kind of practical support, prayer team support, or volunteered in any way, and especially three who were on the team that conceived and executed the whole thing: Christine Warner (MT25 Executive Director) and Fr. Matt Dampier and Mindy Lloyd (Steering Team Members). Incredibly well done, good and faithful servants!

Peace, Cliff+