Grace-based Devotion

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Communications, Coronavirus

Dear Christ Church,

This fall we are asking the Lord to help us be DEVOTED to him and his ways. We want Jesus to be our first love and our cornerstone, as we build on the foundations of our faith this fall. We want to do this in a way that not only engages the mind but also ignites the heart and translates to our hands and feet throughout our daily lives.

As we seek to be devoted followers of Jesus we must remember that this is not something that starts with us. We are devoted to Jesus only because he first devoted himself to us. “Devotion” is the language of loyal love, which we can only know by God’s grace. Our devotion is always a grateful response, never something that we must do to prove ourselves or win God’s affection. But once we have known the mercy of God, we long to align our head, heart, and hands with the life-giving power and purposes of the living God.

Like the first church (Acts 2:42-47) we are devoting ourselves to the apostles’ teaching through small groups, a special book group on the Apostles’ Creed, and Midday Prayer on Tuesdays, where I am teaching through the catechism’s section on the creed.

Check out these three classes that start next week, and take another step of being transformed by grace!

Peace, Cliff+

P.S. Registration is open for Sunday worship at 112 Medina St. Get more info via our homepage!