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Dear Christ Church,

“Stand at the crossroads and . . . ask for the ancient paths.” This is God calling Israel back to her purpose.

“You have abandoned your first love . . . return.” This is Jesus speaking to his people in Ephesus.

God sometimes invites us to refocus ourselves on our core purposes and affections, an invitation I believe he is extending to Christ Church this fall. For the next few months we are going to devote ourselves to God and his ways as expressed in the earliest church. In Acts 2:42 we learn that “they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” In the verses that follow we also learn that they witnessed the power of the Holy Spirit, demonstrated justice and mercy, practiced their devotion in both gathered and scattered ways, and welcomed new believers daily.

The whole church is going to spend the whole fall DEVOTED; that’s the title we are giving this fall at Christ Church. We stand in a crossroads moment as a church, nation, and world, a moment to ask for the ancient paths and set our affections on our first love, Jesus Christ.  We are going to take Acts 2:42-47 phrase by phrase, week by week this fall and ask the Triune God to build us up, like the earliest church, to the praise of God’s glory and for the sake of the world. One aspect of this coordinated fall focus is a digital devotional guide that will be available soon, which will help us travel together.

Finally, just as the church in Acts 2 saw people (new believers) added to their numbers daily, we want to grow as a church, with an invitational culture, of boldly sharing the gospel. That’s why we are running an online Alpha Course, starting in a few weeks. This is a great place for anyone, truly anyone, to explore questions of life, faith, and meaning. Learn more here.

Peace, Cliff+

P.S. If you haven’t heard, we have a regathering plan! We will gradually be adding in-person worship on Sundays, which I explain in this video.