Serving in a Digital Age

Matt DampierCliffNotes, Communications, Coronavirus

Today’s CliffNotes is by Rev. Matt Dampier, Associate Rector at Christ Church.

Dear Christ Church,

One of the ways we become like Jesus is by serving like Jesus. Paul writes in Philippians 2:7 that Jesus made himself into the true servant of everyone. As we take up a towel and washbasin, we become servants to those around us and are made like Jesus.

There are innumerable ways to do this: being a listening friend, opening your life to others, being interrupted from “important work” and not begrudging the moment, caring for your neighbor, your family, and the list goes on.

There are also ways to serve at Christ Church—even in this digital age— that you might consider.

Youth Ministry: Our youth programming will continue this fall with creative ways of engagement like retreats, weekly meetings, creative art projects led by creative veterans from Christ Church. This is a great way to form disciple-making friendships with our youth and invest in the next generation. Email for more info.

Children’s Ministry: You’ve seen Terrice each Sunday hosting our children’s sermon. She is looking for folks who can help plan and create the children’s sermons. And though you might not be aware of it, Kids Quest has been happening before our Sunday morning worship. Terrice would like to have a few more volunteers to assist with that Kids’ Quest time. Email for more info.

Prayer Team: Every Sunday our prayer team meets to pray with anyone for any concerns they have. Being a prayer team member is a vital role during this time as many of us need extra prayer and strength from the Lord right now. If you are looking for an electric jolt in your faith, this would be a great area to serve. Email for more info.

All of these ministries come with training, support, and a sense of team camaraderie. Would you consider serving in one of these key ways?

Grace. Peace.