Fuller Formation Fall 2020

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Today’s CliffNotes is by Bill Walker, Director of Vocation at Christ Church

Greetings, Christ Church family!

The last four months have been unlike any that most of us have ever experienced. The impact on everyone has varied widely, but at the very least, the pandemic has been a disruption. And disruptions have the potential to make room for transformation – transformation that most likely couldn’t have occurred otherwise. So while many of us are still experiencing unprecedented levels of uncertainty and turbulence right now, this moment may also be an especially good opportunity for some of you to enter into a dedicated time of self-assessment, discovery and investment in your relationship with God.

As Christians, we believe that Jesus has specifically called each of us to follow him in ways that uniquely fit our different gifts, abilities, relationships, and seasons of life. To this end, we will be launching another Fuller Cohort at Christ Church this Fall. The cohort provides a structure in which to grow in vocational and spiritual formation with others through learning, reflection, and practice. The program is also very adaptable to an online format and flexible enough to accommodate full schedules.

The first (virtual) retreat will be the last weekend of September (Sept. 25-26), and the deadline to sign up is September 6. You can read more about the design and purpose of the Cohort here. If you are interested in participating, we invite you to register and fill out this questionnaire.Registering does not commit you to anything yet. You will simply be invited to attend one of several virtual information sessions that will be offered later in August.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions. I look forward to journeying with another group of you during these challenging and yet pivotal days!

In faith,