Christ Church Update March 20, 2020

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Communications, Coronavirus

Dear Christ Church Family,

We have loads of updates and information for you below, but first . . . I often listen to a podcast devotional that begins something like, “Today is Monday, the 16th of March, in the 3rd week of Lent.” As I sit down to write this note I feel a similar marking of time, as if “today is Friday, the 20th of March, in the 2nd week of Coronavirus.” Yes, we are in an historical “season,” one that will mark us for a long time to come. But even the magnitude of this event is but a moment in God’s time, a punctuation mark in God’s story of cosmic redemption.

One of the ways we keep God’s time is by gathering for weekly worship as God’s people, which we will do by livestream this Sunday at 11am (information below). Invite a friend! This forced format of worship actually opens a door like never before to invite friends to worship in a non-threatening way. You can share the link widely, with a warm invitation, and people can choose whether to “attend.” There is no social awkwardness in accepting or declining the invitation.

Our team has already created a Coronavirus community update page for Christ Church on our website. On this page you will find just about everything you need and/or want to know, and that we have to say, about being a church family in these weeks. You will find:

  • Our livestreaming link for each Sunday
  • A place to let us know you have needs
  • A place to let us know you can help others
  • A place to join a small group of others online to stay connected
  • Resources and links we’ll update regularly
  • Archive of email communications

During this time of physical separation it’s important that we have a central place to communicate and connect with the whole parish. There are several digital ways we’ll connect with you including emails like these, Instagram, and Facebook. But the hub of communications, updates, serving opportunities, and community resources will be on the community update page linked above. We encourage you to check that page frequently.

This Sunday’s livestreamed service will be interactive! I look forward to speaking from the heart in the early part of the service, blessing those who have birthdays and anniversaries, and getting your feedback on the scripture text. We will be led, as a whole parish, through an interactive bible study during what is usually the sermon. This whole experience will be a technological and social experiment for all of us, so let’s bear with each other!

I’d like to invite you to: (1) create a sacred space where you will be viewing, light a candle, place a runner on the table, set up a cross, etc.; (2) engage your whole body by kneeling for prayer, standing for the gospel reading, raising your hands, etc.; (3) say the liturgy aloud, as prompted. The liturgy will appear on the screen right beside the video feed. You can also print it out here to have a hard copy ahead of time; (4) join in our offering. Sunday’s offering (online giving) will be designated for benevolent assistance to parishioners in urgent need.

Peace, Cliff+