Parenting Conference

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Today’s guest post is by Bill Walker, Director of Vocation.

Hello Christ Church!

In this new year as we focus as a church on understanding and growing in our common vocation to love God and others as disciples of Christ, we’re continuing in our sermon series in Matthew 5 this Sunday, “Called to be Whole and Holy.” In addition, one of the areas of calling we’re especially looking at right now is parenting. Each of us is impacted by “The Sacred Art of Raising Humans” in one way or another! What is more, all of us as Christians are called to participate in the work of discipling the next generation of Jesus followers in the Church.

The Latin root of the verb parent is parere, which literally means to bring forth. Every age in history has its own unique challenges and questions when it comes to how we bring forth children. In our time, the question of what it means to be human in the first place is one such challenge. As a result, we want to gather together and dive into this question and others related to it, such as:

What is the significance of our embodied, incarnated existence in the face of the increasingly virtual, digital, and technological reality we find ourselves in today? As caregivers and parents, how do we lead young people in an individualistic, secular culture that obsesses over and obscures sexual and gender identity? As members of a historic Church body and living tradition of faith, what tools, rhythms, and practices do we have at our disposal in the home? What is the role of education in discipleship, and what are the developmental differences that pertain to parenting young children in comparison to older children?

In collaboration with folks from the Austin Institute and a trusted child psychologist and counselor, we are drawing on the rich resources of many in our own congregation to host a parenting conference on Saturday February 15th, and we want you to join us! Registration information can be found below and on our website.

In faith,