Gratitudes & Landscapes


Dear Praying Friends,

It’s time for an update on Christine’s recovery. Since the last update was in July, we’ll go back to August when Christine had successful eye surgery, a follow up on both the reconstructive facial surgery and addressing muscular issues. In the middle of surgery recovery the Warner family moved into another season of transition, with two kids returning to their school/college and two kids entering their first year of high school and college.

In addition to the updates below, you can LISTEN TO CHRISTINE speak to her parish about the season she is in.

This fall Christine is grateful for:

  • All forms of beauty
  • The privilege and joy of work, that she’s capable post-accident of re-entering some vocational endeavors.
  • Companions who hold pain well
  • Spice and noodles

General Landscape:

  1. Year 2 is different from Year 1 (you can listen HERE to Christine share about how)
  2. The Warners are beginning to understand why they’ve often been told to expect a 3-5 year healing and adjustment process after a life-altering traumatic event.
  3. Trauma has a whole-life, whole-family impact. Each person’s path is unique and on different time tables. It means shifting “new normal” constantly at an individual level, and for all in a systems kind of way. Christine says, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a manual?”
  4. Christine has a team of medical practitioners and therapists (vision, voice, occupational, neuropsychologist, neurologist, vascular neurosurgeon, and facial reconstruction surgeon, spiritual director, two trauma therapists, and neuro-cognitive therapist) fighting for full extent of healing possible.
  5. Communication systems do not keep up with the speed and volume of modern life. Everything is slower and quieter.
  6. Much of life is about energy management, with major output days followed by recovery days, learning the art of anticipating ebbs and flows.
  7. There is more of a home-bound element to her reality than she’s used to, which hopefully will change some day.


  1. Christine’s life is 1/3 recovery and healing; 1/3 parenting; 1/3 folding in some vocational pieces.
  2. Vocational energizing and joy-giving activities that connect some threads to pre-accident life and passions. She has a sense of carpe diem and clarity of what to give her “second life” to: mostly, the vulnerable, marginalized, and under-served people and places of the world.
  3. Remote work: Almost everything she does can be done from home. And when there is travel, there’s usually a retreat element in what she travels to.
  4. Every engagement of activity requires significant energy, so what she does runs through the gauntlet of her medical/therapy team, and are things that have sharp boundaries and definition of role and responsibility, clear structure, and sensory buffer.


Christine is enjoying a deeply contemplative space with the Lord. She requires (and desires) more time with the Lord than ever. She says, “I can stay in contemplative spaces for a long time . . . it’s food and water for my soul.”

Here are two quotes that have nourished her in this season:

Psalm 33:20-23
We wait in hope for the Lord;
he is our help and our shield.
In him our hearts rejoice,
for we trust in his holy name.


Our prayers break on God like waves
and he an endless shore,
and when the seas evaporate
and oceans are no more
and cries are carried in the wind
God hears and answers every sound.
As He has done before.

Our troubles eat at God like nails
He feels the gnawing pain.
on souls and bodies. He never fails.
but reassures He’ll heal again,
again, again and yet again.

By Luci Shaw


The photos below are Christine enjoying the gift of old friends, a family St. Nicholas Day, and the kids with their grandmother, “Dotie.”