Worship Commissioning

Bill WalkerCliffNotes, Frontpage News

Dear Christ Church,

It’s been so good to dive in with you all this Fall at Christ Church in so many ways: on Sunday mornings, at the Parish Retreat, in small groups, Faith & Business, Faith & Arts, the Every Arena Series, and more! You are truly joining in God’s mission in the world, and the stories I’ve heard about how you are doing this in such a variety of vocations have enlivened my faith.

If you missed some of these things, I especially encourage you to listen to Steve Garber’s afternoon session from the retreat, as well as John Nehme’s testimony from the first week of the Every Arena Series. You can also come to the Every Arena Series this Monday evening if you haven’t been able to yet, as we talk about business and the working class in Austin.

One of the goals of the vocation initiative is that everyone at Christ Church would be commissioned in the work that they do – commissioned by God, but also commissioned by our congregation. Jesus sends us into the whole earth to be his witnesses (Acts 1:8), and this means that everywhere we live, work, and play is a mission field and a sacred space that matters to God.

For this reason, this Sunday during worship we’re starting a monthly practice of commissioning folks in our community from all kinds of arenas and areas of work. In order to actually include everyone, we’ll do this one Sunday per month over the course of the next year. Each of you at some point will be invited to come forward to be blessed, prayed for and commissioned to lead us out into the world on mission in your work at the end of the worship service.

We’ll commission folks in healthcare, education, government, business, service sector jobs, non-profits, the arts, and many other arenas. Further instructions will be given on Sunday, and we welcome your input as we go.

May you know God’s goodness in these last days of ordinary time, and may he continue to show you how you are invited to join him in his work!

In faith,