Top 5 Reasons

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Frontpage News

Dear Christ Church,

While we are all gearing up for the fun of the Parish Retreat just one week away, a quieter and smaller retreat is right around the corner as well – our twice-annual Silent Retreat. Here are the top 5 reasons to consider going:

1] Our world is too noisy. Our heads are full of both the external sounds and those we pipe in through our devices, but also the “noise” of hurry, distraction, demands, and myriad voices making claims upon us. We need a chance to listen for the “still small voice of God.”

2] Silence and solitude are privileged places. The veil between heaven and earth is more thin in certain contexts, where we more easily perceive the presence and voice of God. True Christian community is also a privileged place. At the Christ Church Silent Retreat there is a sacred paradox of entering silence and solitude on the one hand, but in the context of others, on the other hand.

3] Be transformed. When I ask parishioners where/when they have been most transformed by encountering God through something Christ Church does, one of the most frequent responses I get is, “the Silent Retreat.”

4] Learn to listen. Learn to pray. Prayer is conversation, not just our use of words directed toward God. God speaks too, all the time, all around us, and through His Word, but we usually have to stop and pay attention to hear Him. Sometimes prayer is even wordless.

5] God wants to be with you. One of the biggest themes of the Bible is “presence,” God entering the company of His people, from the garden to the temple to Jesus and the church, now filled with the Holy Spirit. The Silent Retreat invites us to a simple disposition of “being with,” of companionship with God.

You can join some others from Christ Church on the weekend of November 8-10 by registering here.


P.S.  On a totally different but equally holy note, if you are coming to our Parish Retreat don’t forget to sign up for the 3-on-3 basketball tournament!