Hodgepodge Friday

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Frontpage News

Dear Christ Church,

Today is a Hodgepodge Friday with several things that I want be sure you know about, reflecting a few particular core values: community, changed world, and whole life discipleship. See if you can connect the value(s) to the event.

Parish Retreat Registration Is Live! Ask anyone who has been at Christ Church for a while and they will tell you, “this is one of the highlights of the year.” We play, we learn, we laugh, we share meals, and we get more connected to each other. Dr. Steve Garber of Regent College will give us fresh “Visions of Vocation.” Register here. Core Values: Community and Whole Life Discipleship

Come to the Table. Finding gentle ways to engage our nonbeliever friends with the mercies of God can be a challenge. That’s why we do Come to the Table, a beautiful evening meal at Foodheads Café, with a talk and discussion on the many ways that food and spirituality intersect. Meals involve us in practices that concern community, hospitality, ethics, and beauty. Come join us at the table for a great meal and conversation, but remember: in order to come, you must bring a friend who is unchurched, dechurched or otherwise spiritually skeptical or seeking. Core Value: Community and Changed World

Enneagram Workshop. On September 21st (9am-12:30pm) the Lumen Center for Mission and Spirituality will offer a workshop on the Enneagram at Christ Church. This is a “. . . powerful and helpful tool, as we discover how we are made in God’s image and how we fall short of His design. This deepens our ‘yes’ to all that God is doing in forming us into Christ-likeness. The Enneagram examines the virtues, motivators, defense mechanisms, and ‘deadly sins’ that shape us in ways about which we might be unaware.” Learn more and register here! Core Value: Whole Life Discipleship

Peace, Cliff+