Jonah: Renovation of the Heart

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Frontpage News

Dear Christ Church,

Have you ever jumped ship from God’s purposes? Cried out to God from a tight spot? Felt like God was leading you places you did not want to go, or to love someone you didn’t want to love? Yeah, me too. You and I are in the company of Jonah (and all the saints of God), who famously ended up in the belly of a whale on his way to God’s calling. This Sunday we begin a three week sermon series, Jonah: Renovation of the Heart, where we will encounter the God who takes us just as we are, calls us to his purposes, and renovates our hearts right in the midst of our whale-belly lives.

At the center of this personal transformation is double knowledge: the mutually reinforcing knowledge of God and knowledge of self. The more we know one the more truly we know the other. On Saturday September 21st (9am – 12:30pm) the Lumen Center for Mission and Spirituality will offer a workshop on the Enneagram at Christ Church.

This is a “. . . powerful and helpful tool, as we discover how we are made in God’s image and how we fall short of His design. This deepens our ‘yes’ to all that God is doing in forming us into Christ-likeness. The Enneagram examines the virtues, motivators, defense mechanisms, and ‘deadly sins’ that shape us in ways about which we might be unaware.” Learn more and register here to grow in your “double knowledge” and renovation of the heart.

Lastly, have you marked your calendar for the Parish Retreat? This is a can’t-miss event of the year for our parish community, loads of fun and laughter and learning! Mark it down: October 25-27. It’s only $45/per person with a $150 cap on the cost per family. Registration opens up next week!

Peace, Cliff+