Fall Kick Off

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Today’s guest post is by Associate Rector Matt Dampier.

Dear Christ Church,

In Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith, Kathleen Norris makes an interesting observation about becoming a Christian. She writes, “In retrospect, I can say that I joined the church out of basic need; I was becoming a Christian, and as the religion can’t be practiced alone, I needed to try to align myself with a community of faith.”

What Norris is getting at is that she couldn’t follow Jesus by herself, she needed companions.

As a parish, Christ Church, you excel at community! You make it happen despite the difficulties and costs that come with community! And one of the reasons community happens is the special attention you place on small groups. That work of just showing up week after week in one another’s homes, eating meals together, sharing laughter and burdens creates community.

In small groups, we are practicing community; we are rehearsing heaven. Small groups are like an oasis of belonging in a society that is increasingly privatized. They are a place to know and be known. Small groups make community!

This Sunday is our Fall Kick Off and with it comes a huge spotlight on our small groups!

After the 11am service stick around for a giant cookout. We’ll provide the main course and dessert. There will be limited indoor seating and more outdoor seating under shaded tents. So dress comfy! And all the small groups will be on display along with leaders from each group. Mill around talking with different leaders about what area of town they meet in, when they meet, if there’s childcare.

Bring a side to share! And invite a friend! And I’d encourage you to join a small group and participate in making community this fall.

Grace. Peace.