Tending the Garden of our Heart

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Today’s guest post is by Amy Saxbury, our Youth Pastor.

Dear Christ Church,

When I moved from Colorado to Texas, I fell in love with gardening. I enjoyed the art of exterior decorating: choosing plants that would enhance and beautify, knowing where to plant them, how to space them and picking colors of flowers that would complement and contrast. Oh, and pulling weeds … Is there anything more satisfying than pulling a weed and getting the entire root out? What victory!

Many times tending my garden, I would be reminded of the Lord who tends me. My heart is where He has planted His beauty and where His enjoyment lies. As He tends, I have felt the Lord pulling weeds. These are the lies the enemy has sown in the garden of my heart.

One such time of God caring for my heart was when we lived in Colorado. My husband Michael and I had purchased a “new to us” car. Michael had spent months online searching for one with all the bells and whistles, right price, and best mileage. This particular car fit the bill.

The next day I drove our new car to work. On the way home with my kids, I took a backroad through open land. Few cars traveled this road, providing me a sense of freedom from traffic and man-made distractions. Jadyn wanted to play a game of I Spy Intently looking for the green object he had spied, I came around a corner and up a hill to see a large herd of deer leaping across the road and a line of cars at a standstill. I hit my brakes only to land the front of my new car into the back of another.

After exchanging information and profusely apologizing, I returned to my car and began the ritual of beating myself up. “What an idiot! I’m so stupid for playing that game with my son. Why didn’t I pay more attention?” Tears flooded my eyes and ran down my cheeks.

And then the Lord spoke. His simple, yet profound question, “Are you not worth more than these?” Immediately I remembered His words in scripture to consider the lilies and the sparrows. With this simple, yet deeply wise question, He triumphantly plucked the weed of “things matter more than me” from the center of my garden. Not only did He remove the lie, but in its place, He planted firmly the gloriously, blooming truth that I mattered to Him. My tears ceased as I realized this car is temporal. My soul is eternal and of immense worth to the one who gave His only Son for it. In that moment, I knew things would work out, because He is with me.

May you, dear friends, hear the voice of the Lord water your soul with truth, as lies are unearthed and new blossoms of life firmly take their place.

In His Great Love,