Summer Update

Bryson OwenChristine

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for your attentive care and inquiries for Christine and the family. The Warner family is taking some time this summer to circle up and take a deep breath. Fr. Cliff is also working towards the completion of his doctoral studies.

There would have been many changes in the Warner family regardless of the traumatic event last year, so they’re especially trusting their upended lives as being held by the Good Shepherd. The movement they are hoping for is a transition from “life happening TO them” to slowly re-arranging rhythms that might feel like a gently thriving new normal.

Cliff and Christine are deeply grateful for those of you who have consistently companioned and communicated over the course of the last few months. Deep friendships have deepened further, and some more recent friendships have grown. Some of you have held and continue to hold their hearts in ways that mean the world to them. Thank you.

More Gratitude:

  1. Each of the Warner children have felt provided for by their community whether in friendship or blessing, fun or practical support. They are each joyfully expecting what God has for the next season, and that joyful hope is not something the Warners take for granted.
  2. Christine continues to get stronger and her stamina incrementally grows.

Please Pray:

  1. For those of you who know the rhythms of grief, you will recognize this language. There are many ways in which Christine’s experience of life now imitates the characteristics of “The Second Year of Grief or Loss.” With some of the crisis of her physical/tangible recovery behind her, she has had more space to feel and process the intangible negative effects, the grief and loss. Finding the way through this re-arranged landscape requires trust and extraordinary reliance on her Shepherd.
  2. For her restored vision: therapy is still no fun and surgery still likely
  3. For restoration of all her senses to strength and vitality: smell, taste, feeling, hearing.
  4. For her vocal cords to heal and her voice to return to full strength.
  5. For Cliff to have space for rest as well as productive writing progress.
  6. For the bonds of love as a family to deepen, sweeten, strengthen, and have space to re-configure as needed with each next step developmentally as teenagers incrementally become adults.
  7. For comfort as their beloved dog, Mia, their “angel dog” who lovingly and actively offered consolation and comfort the past year, developed rapid bone degeneration and has passed as a sudden surprise. The family feels bereft and is grieving the loss of her gentle healing presence.