Budding Artists

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Today’s guest post is by Terrice Tinsley, Director of Children’s Ministries.

After celebrating Father’s Day with my parents and sister amidst delicious Mexican food and festive mariachis, my husband, daughters, and I caught the afternoon showing of “Tolkien.” The movie inspired me to look up J.R.R. Tolkien’s fascinating short story called “Leaf By Niggle.”

Tolkien writes of a painter named Niggle who strives day after day to complete his epic painting before he must leave for a looming journey. He starts with a single leaf but over time his painting grows into a great Tree and comes to include birds, the country, the forest, and even mountain peaks. Niggle is determined to finish his painting despite constant interruptions from his needy neighbors and an immobilizing acute illness. However, before his beloved project is complete, Niggle is ushered upon his journey and must leave the painting behind.

After Niggle transitions to his new home, he finds a great surprise: “Before him stood the Tree, his Tree, finished……He gazed at the Tree, and slowly he lifted his arms and opened them wide. “It’s a gift!” he said.  He was referring to his art, and also to the result; but he was using the word quite literally. He went on looking at the Tree. All the leaves he had ever laboured at were there, as he had imagined them rather than as he had made them; and there were others that had only budded in his mind, and many that might have budded, if only he had had time.”

As members of the Body of Christ, we are all working on a masterpiece by beautifully introducing to others the love of our Heavenly Father through Christ. We are each adding a “leaf” in the Tree of the Kingdom of God as we step out in faith to share the truth of His great love. Will we be able to take in Christ’s glory on that awesome day when we stand with the great multitude from every nation, tribe and language? (Revelation 7:9-10)

Christ Church has the great gift to bring the gospel to elementary children at our Arts Camp July 10-11. The invitation goes out to the children in our 78702 neighborhood apartments as well as to our precious elementary children involved in Sunday morning Kids’ Quest.

I am so thankful for each of the 34 youth and adult volunteers and 42 children signed up so far! We’ll be learning about the masterpieces of our bodies and the world, super fun songs of God’s truth, going on Bear Hunts, painting faces, learning new dance moves, drawing, painting, and creating beauty with many different textures and colors. I can’t wait! Please join our Arts Camp Team in prayer that each child will learn of their Creator’s great love for them.

Thank you, Tolkien and Niggle, for opening our eyes to see that it is our Heavenly Father that takes our meager efforts of ministry and completes them in eternal exquisite beauty and awesome glory. For the glory of His Name.

In Christ,