Our Common Vocation

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Today’s guest post is by our Director of Vocation Bill Walker.

Greetings, Christ Church!

It’s been one month since I began work as the new Director of Vocation at Christ Church, and already I can say that my own sense of calling to this community and this role on staff has only been further affirmed. I’ve just met many of you and have much more to learn about you and the church, but here is what’s clear: the church is full of people who are seeking to know and faithfully live out their God-given vocations in the city, the marketplace, the arts, the home, the neighborhood, and wherever God leads. There is an awareness here that God calls every one of us to do something for the sake of the kingdom, that all of our work matters to God, and that discipleship is about our whole lives — not just the stuff we do in church, prayer, Bible study, or worship.

A lot is happening in the life of the congregation that supports and equips people to discern and pursue their vocations. With your help, I’m beginning to see how I can bring additional guidance, vision, partnership, and leadership to these efforts. I’m also excited about the possibility of new movements of the Spirit that advance whole-life discipleship in general and vocational formation in particular.

This Sunday, we’re in the third part of a sermon series on what it means to bear witness to Christ. It’s also Trinity Sunday, and I have the opportunity to preach about how God commissions us through Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit to make disciples. This is our common vocation as Christians! It’s not primarily the job of the clergy to make disciples and evangelize. Rather, every follower of Jesus is responsible and commissioned to do so.

The theme of witness coincides very nicely with Mind Matters, the Wednesday evening apologetics series that kicked off this past week. The questions raised during these gatherings are exactly the kind that curious and honest seekers of truth are asking about God and the Church. I look forward to being part of this with you in the coming weeks and getting to be in worship together on Sunday.

Blessing and peace,