Thanksgiving Service, Update, and Prayer Requests

Bryson OwenChristine

We have marked ONE YEAR since the accident! The past couple of weeks have been full of gratitude and celebration of life and all the abundance of God’s kindness and presence and faithfulness. Below you can see the bulletin that was shared at the One Year Service of Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful and powerful evening. Christine’s sharing was full of the Spirit with a message that stirred hearts deeply.

Christine is celebrating her birthday week (Happy Birthday!), holding the joy and grief of this past year, expectant, wondering what this next year will bring. The Warner family are looking towards children who will be beginning studies at Westmont College, turning 16, being confirmed, getting baptized, entering an internship program. Milestones and transitions are ahead.

Medical Update at One Year:

  1. Carotid Arteries: the vascular neurosurgeon wants to continue to watch the partial aneurism in the left carotid artery and wait on putting in stents.
  2. Liver, Lungs, Ribs: all xrays and blood tests confirm that, indeed, Christine has experienced beautiful healing. All is good and strong and back to normal.
  3. Vocal Cords: it appears that the extended intubation caused permanent damage to the vocal cords.
  4. Vision: range of motion is partially compromised and the brain is doing it’s work of compensating. 3 recommended surgeries are up for discussion.
  5. Strength and Stamina: continued steady progress but, of course, requires patience and time.

Please pray for:

  1. Complete healing of partial aneurism
  2. Successful medical vocal cord repair procedure (May) and voice therapy
  3. Discipline and progress with painful vision therapy. This requires going to Rehab Hospital 3 times a week and almost 3 hours of exercises every day
  4. Discernment regarding eye surgeries
  5. Total restoration of Christine’s senses, especially taste and smell.
  6. As Cliff, Christine, Brendan, Cormac, Skye, and Bronwyn settle into a new season of the ever moving “new normal” that they would feel God deepening their sense of his guidance, strengthening, and love.
  7. Discernment as Christine makes decisions regarding focus and calling
  8. Continued comfort and provision in the midst of so many losses

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