One-Year Mark. Hope. Celebration.


There aren’t yet any major physical or medical updates since the last post, as Christine is in a round of doctor appointments right now marking the 12-month assessment. Please check back again in the next couple of weeks for a more medically oriented report.


As Christine approaches one year, and looks ahead, she is thinking a lot about the power of hope. She looks back with wonder and gratitude at the astonishing healing and restoration the Lord has accomplished. As she looks forward, she’s wondering how to hold hope, manage hope, how to imagine it and fight for it. Does she hope for a full return to vocational life and community engagement? Is that God’s hope for her? How actively does she hope for complete mending of every broken or impaired thing in her body? What about family life, what new creation does the Lord have in mind? One of her prayers is, “Lord, teach me how to rightly hope, how to live in joyful contentment with all you provide, while also longing for fullness, and what might be yet to come. What is your hope for me?”

The anniversary of the accident is days away. Please keep Christine and Cliff and their kids in prayer as, on the one hand, the memories of trauma, fear, and sorrow return. Christine sometimes feels keenly the fragility of life, and trust must be fought for with courage, risk, and fierceness.  On the other hand, their hearts are full and ready to celebrate the powerful healing presence of God in Christine’s body, her mind, and through the body of Christ to the whole Warner family.  Savoring and treasuring are also poignant and keenly-felt practices that offer great joy and wonder.

Speaking about where her heart is, spiritually speaking, as the one-year mark approaches, she says: “My experience of God is powerful, beautiful, breathtaking. His presence feels almost tangible/physical. It feels like I’ve had some kind of mystical encounter with the Lord that seems irrevocable. I now know something that I can’t un-know; I’ve seen something that I can’t un-see.  Things that I knew to be true now seem true-er than true.  All of created reality feels soaked with his presence, his activity.”

COME! On April 14th at 5pm Christ Church is hosting an anniversary Celebration Service to worship and thank the Lord together, hear from Christine, invite the Lord’s healing in all our lives during a prayer time, and then feast together on an old-fashioned potluck. Bring a friend. Bring a dish, and some extra for others. And please pass the word to anyone you know who might have connected through prayer or concern with the news of the accident and its aftermath.