Celebration Sunday

Matt DampierCliffNotes, Frontpage News

Today’s CliffNotes is by Associate Rector Matt Dampier.

Hello, Christ Church!

This past year as I have begun celebrating Communion, there’s an unexpected moment during the liturgy that has become a favorite of mine. After the offering plates have been passed and the Table has been prepared, we all stand and together sing the Doxology. If you’ve ever listened to those words, we’re commanding all of creation to praise God. “Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise him all creatures…Praise him heavenly hosts.” And in that moment, as we’re singing to God inviting all of creation to worship him, the ushers come forward and present an offering plate to the priest who raises it to God as if to say, “We praise you with our offerings.”

It’s in that moment as our gifts are lifted to the Lord that I find myself saying a silent prayer, “Lord, all is yours.” A quick and passing prayer, but a reminder that all we have is entrusted to us as a steward. A reminder that these offerings are an act of praise. A reminder that God truly is the King of all creation.

This Sunday is Celebration Sunday. It’s the Sunday when—during that moment in the offertory—we all walk to the altar and place our pledges directly on the Lord’s Table. We will meet him at his Table responding with our financial pledges for the upcoming year. It’s a moment of witness, the throng of Christ Church walking forward together. I imagine that act of generosity and partnership with the Lord echoing across all of Austin, rippling through our lives and communities, this symbolic action where we declare, “Lord, all is yours.”

As you prepare for this Celebration Sunday, you can make your annual pledge online here, and set up your actual giving here.

Christ Church, you are a generous people! You give your very selves freely and cheerfully, in often unseen ways.

Grace. Peace.