Hodgepodge Friday

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Frontpage News

Dear Christ Church Family,

The Matthew 25 Gathering. Next week Anglicans from around North America who are engaged in ministries of justice and mercy will meet in Washington, DC, for their 3rd annual gathering. Christ Church hosted the inaugural gathering a few years ago at 112 Medina St, with many of you hosting people in your homes, serving on prayer teams, and showing Christ Church hospitality. You can find some fantastic teachings and videos from the past two gatherings here. I love seeing our denomination step further into seeking justice and mercy among the most vulnerable, marginalized, and under-resourced populations of our nation.

As you might know, my wife Christine directed the first two gatherings, but was unable to do so this year because of her accident. They have asked her, however, to give the opening address. Please pray as she speaks on Contemplative Activism from her experience with the Lord this past year. Please pray for our Christ Church contingent, and for all in attendance next week, that it would be a time of vision, encouragement, healing, and challenge.

Two Recommended Newsletters. Do you receive our diocesan newsletter? It’s a great way to follow what’s happening in the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others (C4SO). This week for example, there is a link to some Lenten resources, some ways that C4SO is celebrating Black History Month, and you can also sign up for the prayer cycle to pray for sister parishes in our dioceses. Another newsletter I appreciate is the Galli Report, in which Mark Galli, one of the editors of Christianity Today, curates and shares links to some of the wide world of thought he is exposed to as a Christian journalist.

Lastly, on Sunday the 24th we will have the joy of giving thanks back to God through our own generosity. We will bring forward our financial pledges for the year. You can make your annual pledge early here, and set up your actual giving here.  And don’t forget to join us this Sunday for our Annual Parish Meeting at 10:05 in the sanctuary!

Peace, Cliff+