No One Stands Alone

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This week’s CliffNotes is a guest post by Amy Saxbury, our Youth Pastor.

Cold weather. Warm fires. Good friends. Oneness of heart and love for Jesus. One weekend in Marble Falls was just what was needed for Ignite and Eikon, our Junior and Senior High Youth Groups. This past weekend, 45 youth and young adults traveled to Camp Champions with the goals of growing closer as a community and to God. I’m amazed at the love, delight and inclusivity these wonderful students exhibit. No one stands alone.

As I watched them at the restaurant Friday night, some looking for a table to join and the willingness of all to bring in those in the search for a spot at the table, it reminded me of heaven. No one stands alone.

Our Senior High youth had meaningful conversations with Junior High youth and invited them to play camp games; it was a beautiful sight. The barriers that the world loves to give us were not brought to that sacred space. No one stands alone.

Our adult leaders exuberantly and hilariously played Twister, Jurassic Park and Octopus Ultimate Frisbee. The separation of adults and youth didn’t exist there. No one stands alone.

Fifteen brave souls committed to do the seemingly impossible: climb a mountainous 45-foot wall trying to overcome various obstacles, both with the extremities of the wall itself and internal self-doubt and fear. From out of the audience below, unsolicited and of their own volition, came the cry “No one stands alone”. Onlookers lifted their voices in encouragement. “You can do this!” “You’re gonna make it. Don’t give up!”  These words gave supernatural power to those clinging to the wall. The transformation was visible. Fear melted away and a renewed sense of purpose encompassed these struggling climbers. Not one gave up their ascent!  Joy and satisfaction filled each climber as they looked down to see what they mastered with the help of their community. No one stands alone.

This message our church values and stands for is not lost on our youth. If you’re a student, we want you! Please join us for our youth meetings. Eikon, Sr. High youth, meets every Wednesday from 7-8:30 pm at the church.  Ignite, Jr. High youth, meets every other Sunday during the 11:00 service in the Parish Hall.

Standing with you,