Questing for the Ordinary

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This week’s CliffNotes is a guest post written by Terrice Tinsley, our Children’s Director.

Discovery. Now isn’t that a place to find joy?!

As a child, I remember searching through mountains of rocks to find fossil treasures in the dry river beds in Wimberley.  Curiosity would give way to imagination, and by the time we left I was certain I had discovered dinosaur tracks! The crunch of fragrant pine needles under my Keds as I would walk under the cathedral ceiling of tall pine trees at Camp Allen was a cozy type of wonder. At the beach at South Padre, in the Texas Hill Country, or on our own neighborhood street in Austin, our family often marvelled together at God’s fresh, custom-made sunset.

As a mother, it gave me great joy to watch my own young daughters use all of their senses to enjoy the thick blanket of snow often covering the lawn of the Gordon-Conwell campus in Massachusetts. Even a leisurely afternoon spent on the back porch at home in the sandbox or picking apples from our apple tree in South Dakota was a fantastic day of discovering God’s world with them!

Children don’t really need to be taught that God’s world is extra-ordinary.  They have a natural surprise in realizing the wonders that simply exist! Who knew that plain ole’ water in a baptismal font would bring such squealing and fun to our Sunday mornings in the courtyard?!

The Joy of Discovery is my prayer for the children of Christ Church. Discovering God’s deep love and near Presence personally in their lives.  Discovering how God’s Word in the Bible resonates with their own hearts as they unearth it as truth! Discovering the power of the Holy Spirit working through them as they learn to boldly love others and unselfishly serve others with the compassionate heart of Christ.

On the Saturday of our Parish Retreat, October 27, we will have many opportunities for your children to discover God and His extra-ordinary, ordinary world. Our younger children (2 – 5 years) will be questing for treasures in our box planters, using magnifiers to look closer at bumpy gourds, learning about vines and singing new songs! Our elementary age children (K-5th grade) will be in three different age groups and will quest for God’s treasures while discovering His personal love for them through songs and teaching, small group time and games (have you ever played, “Steal the Bacon??? It’s sizzlin’ fun!).

At this year’s Parish Retreat, I look forward to experiencing God’s amazing “ordinary” with your extra-ordinary children! Register here today!

For His Glory,