Parish Retreat

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Frontpage News

Dear Christ Church,

We have tremendous plans for this year’s parish retreat! In addition to our main speaker, Dr. Julie Canlis, and our usual informal times of fun and games, this year we’re introducing some amazing workshops. Following our theme of Sacred Ordinary, you’ll get to choose two of the following workshops that demonstrate the holiness of our everyday life and world. This is a long-ish Enews, but take some time to let these whet your appetite, and then register here. Half off for first-timers!

Ordinary Kitchen
We spend many hours of our days related to food.  The liturgy of the daily kitchen involves morning, noonday, and evening rhythms, delighting all five of our senses, connection to our Creator, and lifelong memories in simple meals.  This hands-on cooking class, no prior cooking experience needed, is led by Dr. Andy Hadd, a chemist by training and a foodie at heart.

Ordinary Place: (Love Where We Live) Neighborhood
Proximity is at the heart of the Gospel; God came near to us in order to love us, and love of neighbor is part of Jesus’ greatest commandment.  Come learn more about our eclectic church neighborhood, the history, people, and institutions that shape it.  We, as the people of Christ Church, want to love where we live.  This workshop will be led by the Christ Church Neighborhood Engagement Team.

Ordinary Place: (Love Where We Live) Creation
Creation is teeming with life, beauty, and the fingerprints of God.  As creatures ourselves and worshipers of our Creator, one of the ways we love God is by loving the world He made.  In this workshop, you’ll learn simple practices with our homes and church property as case studies, for how to care for creation and live more in tune with its rhythms.  This workshop will be led by the Christ Church Creation Care Team in partnership with A Rocha, a Christian organization engaging communities in nature conservation.

Ordinary Story
Every good story is a variation of the Great Story. Using the Harry Potter series (It’s LeviOsa, not LeviosA!) as a case study, this workshop will show how the narrative pattern of the Gospel finds its way into our favorite stories. This workshop will be led by Annie Crawford (a.k.a. Professor McGonagall).

Ordinary Call:  Baptism
Every human being has a call.  It starts with the call to follow Jesus.  And through baptism, we receive our identity from him and are empowered to walk in his ways as part of his community.  This workshop is not baptismal preparation, but an opportunity for all of us to remember who we are, where we’ve come from, and our ultimate purpose.  The Rev. Matt Canlis, Lead Pastor of Trinity Church in Wenatchee, WA, and creator of Godspeed, will lead this workshop.

Ordinary Call:  Work
Every human being has a call.  While baptism is our primary call and identity, each of us is given a unique way of being and contributing to the common good, whether it’s paid or unpaid, at home or in the world; we are made to work toward the flourishing of all creation and society.  In this workshop you will have an opportunity to reflect on and articulate the unique call God has placed upon your life.  This workshop will be led by Brian Wallace, Executive Director of the Fuller Center for Spiritual and Missional Formation.

Ordinary Beauty
God is the Author of all beauty.  Our everyday life is enriched by natural beauty, design choices, and the visual, performing, and literary arts.  In this workshop, you’ll have an opportunity for hands-on experience as a co-creator of beauty, led by an artist of the Christ Church arts community.

Peace, Cliff+