Set Apart

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Frontpage News

Dear Christ Church,

It will start like this as we gather on the basketball court:

“Through the ages, Almighty God has moved his people to build houses of prayer and praise, and to set apart places for the ministry of his holy Word and Sacraments. With gratitude for the building and renovation of Christ Church, we are now gathered to dedicate and consecrate it in God’s Name.”

That’s how tomorrow’s Consecration Service will begin, Saturday at 7pm, after which we’ll all join the procession into the sanctuary for a uniquely sacramental and historic service with Bishop Todd Hunter.

Have you ever entered someone’s house and felt peace? A sense of joy or goodness pervading the space? That is our hope, that people would have a sense of sacred space when they come to 112 Medina St., whether they are seekers or followers of Jesus. At various moments and places in the service Bishop Todd, joined with our prayers, will bless things like the altar, the baptismal fountain, and the instruments, that they will be used for God’s mission and glory. We will conclude the evening by celebrating Holy Eucharist.

Can’t wait to experience this with you!

P.S.  Do you have the Parish Retreat on your calendar, October 26-28? I am really pumped about our retreat this year . . . we’ve got some fabulous fun, workshops (you’ll only get to do two but wish you could do them all!), community building and prayerful solitude, and one of my favorite people, Julie Canlis, as our retreat speaker. Register here.