Angiogram Results


Although prep for the procedure included multiple attempts at finding a good artery for the IV, a couple of which were rather painful, Christine was given the option to choose background music during the partial sedation. Her choice: Classical, and it did her right.  She was well cared for by a friendly and attentive nurse and a kind and competent doctor.

Here’s the report:

Right carotid – from dissected artery with clouding and abnormalities to normal and healthy!

Left carotid – from dissected, cloudy, with a partial aneurism and only 20-30% flow to 50% flow, a healthier artery, and smaller partial aneurism

The doctor commented on the incredible progress of Christine’s overall health and healing, adding “you truly are the miracle one.” Thanks and praise be to God for this wonderful report!! There will be a follow-up in about 3 months to evaluate. Please continue to pray for the healing of Christine’s left carotid artery, and for no blood clots or aneurisms.