TexFed Tribute

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Frontpage News

Dear Christ Church,

I’m going to miss the TexFed.

Think quickly: what’s a standout memory you have in that space? Is it a moment when God drew you near and gave you a fresh glimpse of Himself? Maybe a day of laughter and joy at a Ceili, or the place where you met your spouse, or a new friend? Perhaps a time of healing, or new hope as you decided to give church a chance again? A baptism, confirmation, wedding, or funeral? Or maybe it was seeing Christine and hearing her share just last week.

For the past eight years the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs has been our Sunday morning home, the place we gather to love God and each other as a parish.

This Sunday is the last time we will mingle in the long corridor, squeeze into a broom closet sized bathroom (men), and feel the endearment of some old-building quirks like the arctic blast of the massive vent that blows sermon notes off the stand and puts sweaters on women during warm weather months. And it’s the last Sunday that we will lift high the cross in that space, and worship the living God together.

I hope you can be there Sunday for this culminating day of remembrance and gratitude for all that the Lord has done. And looking a little further ahead, remember these two big days coming soon: our First Service at 112 Medina St. in just nine days, August 26th. The focus will be on celebrating together as a family.  And then Welcome Sunday, Sept. 9th, when we are all bringing a friend and extending a special invitation to the neighborhood.

Peace, Cliff+