Sunday was a big day for Christine to be able to share and worship with our Christ Church parish. It was a delight to hear her voice, both figuratively and literally, as she reflected on the goodness and beauty of God, despite the pain and sorrow of what she has suffered the past four months. If you would like to hear what she spoke, you can listen to her HERE.

At this marker, we see both how far she’s come and how far she still has to go:


  1. She takes the first steps towards being accepted into Austin Metro Access transportation services for Austinites with various limitations. It is sobering for her to check so many boxes on the list of eligibility criteria. Not being able to drive is a big hit to the Warner family capacity, and now she herself needs ride support.
  2. She will meet with an audiologist who specializes in trauma injuries to see whether surgical intervention is possible/advisable or consider hearing devices.
  3. She will see her surgeon to investigate the source of an infection near the base of the stabilizing metal of her facial reconstruction, mentioned in the previous post
  4. She will continue her many therapies, which consume most of her days, stepping up the rigor in order to continue progressing
  5. While able to share with our parish, she still has significant limitations, hindrances, and lives with great fragility, learning to budget her limited energy and capacity carefully


Her therapists – who have been a great support and advocates for Christine’s needs, especially as related to having a traumatic brain injury (TBI) – are working with her on goals stretched out over 12 months in small steps.

First goals include moving through the medical challenges, and then to resuming house-hold management which is difficult because the greatest TBI impact on Christine is related to executive functioning.

Slowly, as able, she will begin to re-engage in community life. (She is still not texting or emailing, and large groups are difficult for sensory reasons)

Finally, looking into the months ahead she has been discerning which small steps into vocational life she feels like God might ask her to slowly pick up.


Cliff and Christine have had long conversations with Brendan, Cormac, Skye, and Bronwyn, about the new normal, about where everyone is in processing losses and primary/secondary trauma. They’ve celebrated birthdays, laughed, cried, and enjoyed the gift of summer flexibility and everyone’s presence under the same roof. They regularly crack up and tease Christine when she does her voice exercises –“they’re just funny!” It’s hard for her to keep a straight face while doing them.

Prayer Requests for the Family:

  • Please pray for each of them as preparation for school schedules begin and high levels of executive functioning for all will be needed
  • Pray that the bond that has been forged would be protected and that the busyness of life can be paced to the season of healing and recovery
  • Pray for both Cliff and Christine as they shepherd, lead, and serve the kids while the kids serve, love, and even-at-times lead as well

Prayer Requests for Christine:

  • Against complications and unexpected consequences of her multiple injuries, and if they do arise that they would be identified and resolved quickly
  • Healing of the infection, and that no surgery will be needed to remove or repair metal or tissue
  • Healing and restoration of nerves, and senses of smell, taste, vision, and hearing
  • Restoration of energy and capacity