Reports from East Austin Church Visits

Wes CrawfordCliffNotes, Frontpage News

Reports from East Austin Church Visits

This past Sunday instead of having Christ Church services we dispersed among several east Austin churches, joining them to worship the risen Lord Jesus Christ together. What a joy it was to be so warmly welcomed by churches that have been here long before us! Here are a few quotes from Christ Church parishioners who participated.

“They sure had a lot of joy and were so glad to be together.”

“It felt like a small taste of the unity of the church that God promises.”

“When the pastor introduced our church as “a church that wanted to move here not as strangers but as our neighbors,” and I heard countless “Uh, huh’s!” in the crowd, my heart leapt for joy! When a woman said, “Maybe we can come visit your church too!” my heart leapt again. I have prayed countless times that God would knot us together with other churches on the east side. Thank you, thank you, Lord, for allowing me to be a part of those first stitches. Let our lives – Christ Church and David Chapel Missionary Baptist Church – together produce a fabric that brings honor and glory to your name!”

“It was such an encouragement to not only know intellectually, but to see and be loved and served by our co-laborers here in this part of the city. I was also blessed by the message [from Habakkuk]. Pastor Jeff fed us all with the Word, and the entire church embraced our visit, serving us with extra child care and communion and chairs. It was so fun to worship together too!”

“It was encouraging to know that there are others in the neighborhood working for the blessing and flourishing of the people there that we are joining; it is exciting to think about building unity among churches in the Downtown Eastside for the benefit of the neighborhood that we can learn from and build on.”

“God gave me great context through worshipping at Emmanuel United Methodist Church — His presence has been in East Austin long before me, and will remain long after me. He’s been reaching people for decades through places like this church. His call for me to love isn’t obligatory — instead it’s a privilege to share His heart and join the countless others who have saturated the East Austin streets and people with Him.”

Indeed, God has long been at work in this beautiful place. There is evidence of his grace everywhere, and we’re so excited to be part of it!

There are only two Sundays left at the TexFed. Our First Sunday is August 26th at 112 Medina Street, and Welcome Sunday (a public launch when we’ll invite widely) is September 9th. Be thinking about who you can invite!