Celebration & Challenge


As we mark 4 months since the accident, Christine will be sharing with the parish this Sunday in both services. Her desire is to be present to part of the community who have loved her well, knowing that all who are in other places will be held in her heart as well. Details of service times are here.

Christine, upon a check up with her dentist (just to observe the impact of the accident on her jaw), discovered that God’s hand once again was caring for her in ways that she did not know. The dentist found infection in the bone above her teeth where the metal from the facial reconstruction is stabilized. It’s not clear if the infection was caused by the traumatic impact of the accident or from the metal. Because of the numbness on the right side of her face, Christine did not feel the pain and discomfort that an infection usually alerts us to.  Gone undetected for much longer, this infection could have led to serious consequences.

As the school schedule begins and therapy continues, there are particular challenges to her energy and capacity. Her therapists are great at helping her think through all the goals broken down into steps that stretch out for 12 months. These steps include healing, parenting, and the slow incremental move, with the long term view in mind, into some of her vocational calling and commitments.

Let us continue in prayer for Christine’s full and complete recovery, in cooperation with the therapists and the Holy Spirit, as she slowly returns to each arena of life.


  • For the infection to fade quickly with antibiotics and God’s healing
  • That the dentists and surgeon can identify the origin of the infection and treat the roots of her teeth so that her bone, roots, and teeth can be saved
  • Against all infection that might make her vulnerable because of the reconstructive surgery
  • Against discouragement or fear as Christine processes sadness upon news that adds to the list of effects and losses and adjustments
  • For therapists to be guided by the Spirit in their care for Christine – that they would experience the love and presence of God, and that their lives would be blessed by Christine and her family