Gratitude and an Image of Prayer


One of Christine’s dearest mentors sent her this image some weeks ago:

Christine loves the mutuality it expresses, the sense of taking turns praying and caring for each other. As she has been on the receiving end during this season, she has savored the agency she has to give by praying for others.

So many have been witness to Christine and Cliff’s intentional choices to give themselves deeply and fully to each place where they have lived and served – whether formally or informally or quietly and invisibly. Through words and actions, their lives speak the refrain “let’s give of time, of love, of heart; let’s give sacrificially in quiet and ordinariness; when we give of presence to the vulnerable and broken and marginalized, they become our teachers and we receive more than we’ve given.” The fruitfulness of this way of living is a beautiful thing to behold.

Christine is amazed by the generosity and getting to experience the mutual heart-giving through emails, letters, and gifts. Anyone who witnesses her receive these things sees her light up as she describes something particular she appreciates about that person.  From Christine, in her own words…

“I haven’t words to express my joy in hearing from so many of you, from my childhood and teenage years, from our early Austin years, from our Vancouver years, from our El Paso years and our beloved St. Clements, from Guatemala and Potter’s House years, from our recent Austin years and all the pockets of community life, whether from beautiful Christ Church, St. Edwards University, the Y, Lumen, my homeless friends, my immigrant friends, my spiritual direction friends, and then of course our dear ones who are far flung because of vocational callings and family, or through Selah, our Anglican family, Matthew 25, fellow community development friends…and then there are those of you whom I haven’t even met! Thank you.

Many of you have taken time to write long and meaningful expressions of love, of memories, of counsel, and sharing stories. You have sent quotes, Scripture, poems, and gifts. You have made me laugh. You have written me as you have prayed for me during the night-watches. Children have sent me packets of cards with feathers and glitter. As I rejoice in God’s miraculous healing and grieve much that feels lost and painful still, your love, prayer, and words hold me and turn my gaze to Jesus. Thank you. I receive every little piece as a treasure, as a gift from the ‘Father of Lights.’ I feel wealthy in relationship and can’t wait to be able to more fully respond and be on the more robust giving end again, filled up by your love and presence in this season of fragility and disorientation. God’s ways are more beautiful than I knew before the accident.”

Please pray:

  • Awakening and strong functioning of eye muscles, and that they would be unobstructed by the eye socket implant
  • Healing of bilateral dissected arteries
  • Healing of nerves and restoration of taste, smell, and hearing
  • Healing of ankles and soft tissue damage