A Day in the Life


In this period of rehabilitation after a traumatic event, Christine’s days are full and focused. This is what a typical day looks like:

  1. Quiet with God and coffee (to her great joy, the texture of espresso with foam registers with her sensory limitations) and connecting with family
  2. Four hours of therapy exercises on her own: vision, voice, ankles, overall physical stretching and strengthening, icing on the swelling, scar tissue work, jaw work (e.g. vision therapy involves repeated eye exercises which take about 20 minutes every 2 hours)
  3. Brief lunch break
  4. Therapists start coming to do specialized work that only they can do (20-25hrs/week)
  5. By 5pm vision and hearing and overall strength weakens
  6. Time with family, and being a present and engaged parent
  7. 9-10 hours of sleep. In light of a traumatic brain injury (TBI), the neuropsychologist and every other specialist repeatedly stress how essential sleep is for cognitive healing — a challenge in a busy house with four teenagers and periods of wakefulness due to pain

The schedule gets interrupted significantly when there are doctor’s appointments or exams such as MRI’s or X-rays. Currently, there are questions about surgeries related to 5 different parts of Christine’s body.

Most days she feels like she can tackle what’s ahead, but some days are harder. She’s a fighter, very connected to Jesus, with a childlike faith and wonder, sifted and purified in terms of what matters most (even more so now than before the accident) and her spirit is sweet.

She is cognitively strong, very much herself, and doctors and therapists consistently marvel at her capacity, her memory, her gumption and feistiness, her quick laughter. She’s regaining her executive functioning skills at an encouraging rate, and there is a plan for her re-engagement vocationally.

A particular area of pain, often disrupting sleep, has been Christine’s ankles and feet. A recent MRI revealed bone fractures and bruising in both feet, damaged tendon in right foot, torn tendon in left foot, torn ligament in left foot and muscles over-tightening trying to compensate for other soft-tissue damage. The current plan is to allow therapy and time and God’s hand to do the work of healing.

Please pray for:

  • Supernatural healing over the areas of Christine’s body where there are yet questions about surgeries, and discernment is needed
  • Stability and healing of ankles – bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles
  • Nerves to regenerate, and for restoration of smell, hearing, and taste
  • Healing of carotid arteries, and for no blood clots or aneurysms
  • Restful, healing sleep