Starting Line

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Frontpage News

Dear Christ Church,

We’re approaching the starting line. Imagine that we are in a regatta pulling up to the starting line in our shell.  The months of conditioning, preparation, waxing the hull—it’s a moment that might not be once-in-a-lifetime, but it’s not common either.

A starting line is vivid imagery for where we are, Christ Church. On one side of that line is the end of something. On the other side is a beginning. For us the line is August 26th, our first worship service at 112 Medina St. It might be easy to think that moving into the building is simply the end, the culmination of a long journey. That’s only partly true. This is indeed the end of a long, sacrificial, and persevering preparation.  However, our move into the downtown Eastside is more like a starting line.

We are about to step into the beautifully and skillfully crafted shell. Rowers don’t go through all their training and preparation simply for the moment that they enter the boat on the big day of competition.  All their preparation is not for occupancy of the boat, but action—to make oblation (an offering) of the boat as they do justice to its designed purpose, watercraft built for responsiveness to both the rowers and its context, the water.  When the gun goes off a single-minded community of athletes start pulling as one for the long race ahead. This is the moment that’s on the horizon for us, just a few weeks away.

We are approaching the starting line, a new season of being an invitational and incarnational community in the downtown Eastside, and in our own residential neighborhoods.

Peace, Cliff+
Rector (Coxswain), Christ Church

P.S. In this Sunday’s sermon we’ll learn some of the dynamics of transformational change in the kingdom of God, when we face endings and beginnings in all arenas of life. Join us!