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Today’s CliffNotes is a Guest Post by Skye Warner.

Dear Christ Church,

“Cuantos hijos tienes?” was a question frequently asked to me. As a 15yr old, this was a big reality check, realizing that “How many children do you have?” was a common question for girls my age. Going home to almost no food, feeling unwanted by family members, and being behind in school is what most Guatemalan kids experience daily. Yet, the children I met were beaming with contagious joy and so grateful for the things they did have. It made me so glad to see God blessing them, through me, with small things like bubbles.

Our team was serving in Chiquimula, a small rural town 4 hours from Guatemala’s capital. My group was renovating a classroom for a school of 8 grades taught by 3 teachers. I got to play, as a not-very-valuable cement worker, with some kids and chat with their moms. I heard many stories from car accidents and half-paralysis to children in fires, each of them heartbreaking because it didn’t seem fair that these incredibly strong and hard-working families had to recover from these tragedies, sometimes without God.

I especially bonded with a girl named Kimberly (3yrs old) and her mom and sister. Throughout the crowd they seemed like the ones who smiled the widest, laughed the loudest, and welcomed the most. It moved me to see how much the mom loved her daughters (Kimberly and Sheila), and how much the girls loved their mom. It broke my heart to drive away for lunch as Kimberly stood crying watching us leave in the bus, thinking we wouldn’t come back. But that is the good news… Potter’s House is still there and we are going back; we go back every year and have for 12 years! I wonder who from Christ Church will get to play with her and other children next year. Their joy and love for each other was inspiring me throughout the week to treasure the children of God around me every day.

Though I’ve been every year of my youth, the 2018 Guatemala trip was again full of lessons, some different from those of past years and in a new mission field (Chiquimula) of our partner organization, The Potter’s House. It never gets old. Going to Guatemala puts all my problems, that seem too big, into perspective. This trip I learned the importance of having community to lean on and build up. I hope everyone at Christ Church will get to go at some point.