Conditions & Continuous Prayer


It has been a few months since Christine’s accident, an event that has become etched into our community’s story. Each of us have engaged with it in various ways, and it’s a moment in our story that we’ll remember both the extravagant grace and mercy of the Lord to preserve Christine’s life, and rejoice in the powerful demonstrations of love and service within our community. Thanks be to God!

Cliff and Christine are grateful for the continuous prayer. It’s needed in a different manner these days. The dramatic and miraculous healing of the first weeks has come to an end; now we pray through the slow, daily, months-long slog of incremental and invisible moves toward healing.

Here’s a brief description of some of Christine’s conditions, along with prayer requests for healing:

  • Hearing: Christine’s left ear has significant hearing loss. Tests reveal that the bones of the middle ear are broken. Please pray for wisdom and discernment regarding next steps
  • Vision: the bottom and right key muscles of her right eye were damaged, causing impaired vision. The therapy is hard and exhausting. Please pray for wisdom and discernment regarding next steps
  • Voice: Christine’s vocal chords are damaged as a result of the prolonged presence of the breathing tube down her throat, so her voice continues to be quite hoarse. Please pray for healing
  • Ankles: the truck probably ran over them, and while it did not break bones, it mashed all the tissues—flesh, muscles, tendons, ligaments. She has an MRI this week to reveal more. Thank God Christine can walk, but it is slow and painful. Please pray for pain relief and healing
  • Nerves: The system of nerves from the top of the nose to the brain is very fine and complex. Christine continues to have no sense of smell or taste. Please pray for healing of nerves, and restoration of senses
  • Carotid arteries: the next angiogram will be sometime in August to reveal whether or not Christine’s artery, which was 70% damaged, is healing on its own. Please continue to pray for healing and no complications to blood flow

Each week Christine spends many hours with therapists, going to doctor’s appointments, and doing therapeutic homework. This, in addition to parenting four children, and slowly resuming household tasks alongside Cliff, takes up all her time and energy. As hard as it is for Christine to not engage with all the people she loves and cares about, she is humbly and wisely submitting to her medical teams’ urging that she remain sequestered within the peace and quiet of her home with no visitors for this season of healing and recovery. Christine longs for the day she can be among her community again.

One of the ways Christine feels connected is through the emails that come to, which is the best way to correspond with Cliff and Christine. Reading the emails is a frequent highlight, and they savor the updates and stories.

Please pray for Cliff and Christine’s emotional and physical energies and stamina.