Please Continue to Pray

Bryson OwenChristine

What was intended to be a twice-a-week update turned into a two-week no update! ”The best laid plans…” as the saying goes:)

There’s been a new layer of grief in the Warner household these past couple of weeks. Cliff’s father, Dr. Burdette Lee Warner passed away on June 14th. Cliff and the kids spent time with him just days before he went to be with Jesus, and then Cliff was with him again on the eve of his death, to say goodbye and share Holy Communion with others present. While they are grieving, they are thankful to know that his suffering is over and he’s with the Lord.

The Christ Church mission team to Guatemala, including the four Warner children, returned home safely and had a great experience. It was a gift to the children to serve others, to enter the space they love so much in mission, to be together and own the experience for themselves, and to taste aspects of their calling in the upside-down kingdom. Cliff and Christine relished their stories.

Christine is experiencing a bit of disorientation, finding her footing not only literally, but also figuratively. She had one reality before the accident, “woke up” ten days later, and now finds herself in an unfamiliar world of challenges, shifted expectations, and new limitations, while at the same time she is deeply grateful for all that the Lord has done. Moments of discouragement and continuous gratitude all mixed together.

While areas of pain and swelling are gradually decreasing, there’s been no progress in the areas of smell or taste, or hearing in the left ear, and Christine’s voice continues to be very hoarse. Since Christine’s facial bones had to be reconstructed, the muscles, nerves, and bone/metal is shifting and affecting each other especially on the right side, causing her vision to suffer. The specialists aren’t clear if a second surgery will help, so this is an area needing assessment, guidance, and discernment. A newer ailment therapists are looking to address is Christine’s bruised, swollen and painful ankles, affecting her stability as well as her sleep.

Cliff and Christine are very grateful for the emails and cards and gifts they have received. This cannot be overstated. The heartfelt prayers and thoughtful expressions of love are life-giving, encouraging, inspiring, and deeply moving to them. It’s hard for them to not be able to respond. Anyone who knows Christine would know how hard it is for her to not interact with people she loves, but she is wisely and humbly submitting to the necessary limitations of this season of healing and recovering while treasuring each and every friend in her heart and in her prayers.

Let us continue to pray for Christine’s complete healing … with grateful hearts, and faith embolden by the powerful works of God we’ve witnessed.  As a friend of theirs said “God, do it again; we’ve seen you do it before!”

Please pray:

  • For restful, healing sleep, and relief from pain and stiffness
  • For stability with no dizziness, and for healing of her ankles
  • For nerves to speedily regenerate, and for restoration of smell, hearing, and taste
  • For revelation and wisdom to know how to best address Christine’s vision issues
  • For the healing of carotid arteries, and for no blood clots or aneurysms