Eat, Pray, Church

Drew SmithCliffNotes, Frontpage News

Today’s guest post is by Drew Smith, Pastoral Associate at Christ Church.

Dear Christ Church,

Our family has been a part of this beautiful church for five years now, and here’s one thing I’ve noticed: we love to eat together!

From Memorial Day picnics to chili cook-offs in December, from small group dinners to weekly Eucharist, we connect over food. And why not? There’s an intimacy in sharing a meal. There we can laugh and linger and tell our stories and open up about our lives. Is it too strong to say that a church is most itself when gathered to pray or to share a meal?

I suppose it’s no wonder then that we’re so excited about Guess Who’s Going Out To Dinner, since we’re gathering to both eat and pray in our new neighborhood!

First, sign up here. Then, when you arrive at our building at 112 Medina Street on Saturday, July 7th at 6:00 pm, you’ll be sent out with a host and a table-sized group to a nearby restaurant. You’ll pay for your own meals, but we’ll choose affordable restaurants. After a delightful meal, your host will lead you on a 30-minute prayer walk in the neighborhood.

Come to get to know fellow parishioners. Come to enjoy fellowship and be known by others. Come to get to know our new neighborhood in a unique way. Come to intercede for people and streets our Heavenly Father adores. But, most of all, come so we can go out together and be ourselves, God’s church, gathered to eat and pray.

Drew Smith