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Every year the Warner family spends part of their summer serving the poorest of the poor in Central America. This year their plan was to serve a new population that even the poor consider the most destitute, where lack of water and food are real daily struggles. To Christine’s heartbreak, she, of course cannot go. They decided as a family that the children would still go and be a part of the Christ Church team, which is there now. The kids love this part of their year. As you can imagine, the fragility of life feels very real to Christine, so releasing all four of the children go at once feels like an act of courage and trust. Please pray for angel protection over the children and the team, that they would be used mightily of the Lord to be light and the arms and love of Christ.

When Christine asks “how many bones were broken in my face?” the answer she receives is “dozens and dozens.” Titanium now holds those bones together. There are still many questions around whether she will need follow up surgery, most recently related to her right eye socket, which took the greatest hit. She will be meeting with one of the surgeons this week to assess the facial reconstruction and where it is in the healing process. This assessment relates to her jaw and mouth, nose, ears, forehead, eyes, cheekbones, incisions, etc.

Fr. Cliff took a moment on a recent Sunday to share his reflections on the past two months since Christine’s accident. You can listen to it here:

Please pray:

  • For restful, restoring sleep, and relief from body pain and stiffness
  • For stability with no dizziness, and continued progress in therapies
  • For revelation and wisdom to know what to address at this point in Christine’s recovery and what needs more time and waiting
  • For healing of carotid arteries and no blood clots