Guatemala Team: Glory Amid Travail

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Dear Christ Church,

On Saturday morning, a team of 34 people from Christ Church will board a plane to Guatemala City to spend a week serving in the communities surrounding the largest garbage dump in Latin America.  Potter’s House, one of our global mission partners, will guide this team into the service of men, women, and children who live in and off the city dump, scavenging for food and goods to be sold each day.  Laboring as the hands and feet of Christ, we anticipate his glory amid travail.  This year the team from Christ Church will encounter a people who are also mourning the unexpected ravages of the Fuego volcano upon their community.

Some are mourning the loss of family and friends; others are waiting, longing, and hoping to be reunited with missing loved ones.  Still many others have suddenly been displaced and are now without a home.  Entering a grieving nation, our Christ Church-ers will be reflecting on helplessness and suffering they will encounter.  They will also witness the astounding “challenge and the beauty of the lives of Guatemalan believers who live with prophetic hope, joy, and grace in the context of extreme poverty, loss, and grief,” as Cliff has written previously about our brothers and sisters there.  They are saints, instructing us in hope, proclaiming to us the mystery of faith:

Christ has died.
Christ is risen.
Christ will come again!

There is particular, incarnate hope, as followers of the suffering Christ, that he too is coming in glory.  We are rooted and ordered daily by this certainty.  We look forward to that day in intercession, sojourning with those who stand alone, comforting those who mourn, and contending for Shalom.  We know the promised kingdom that is, and is to come.

Let us contend in prayer this week for Guatemala, for the servant-leaders of Potter’s House, and for those from Christ Church traveling there this week.

For the sake of others and for God’s glory,
The Christ Church Staff & Vestry

P.S. If you weren’t able to be at church on Sunday, Fr. Cliff took a moment to share his reflections on the past seven weeks since Christine’s accident.  We encourage you to listen here.