Grief. Joy. Gratitude.

Bryson OwenChristine

Christine’s therapy is steadily developing as each therapist tailors their plans for her healing. She dreads the eye therapy but is seeing tiny, slow improvement while waiting on neuro-opthamologists and muscular opthamologists to make assessments and recommendations. She is wrestling with pacing, not getting ahead of herself, paying a price when she does. Mothering and being home gives her great joy, but knowing what her body and mind can do each day feels like a guessing game. She only knows she’s done too much when she’s exceeded her energy and resources. She gets starkly reminded of the severity of injuries she is overcoming, and the need to embrace the slow, long journey ahead.
The other day, for the first time since April 10th, Cliff drove the exit where Christine’s accident happened. He felt like he was accessing a memory from seven months, not weeks, ago. The range of emotions and experiences in such a short period of time are that vast.  At the top of the list are profound grief and joy, grief at the near-fatal and lingering injuries, and joy that God rescued her life and that she’s making a recovery. Chasing these two emotions, right on their heels, is a third: gratitude.
Cliff and Christine are overwhelmed and speechless at the outpouring of  love and support they have received, and are thankful for all the practical, prayerful, loving, and generous demonstrations of friendship, advocacy, and affection.
Please continue to pray:
  • For the healing of Christine’s carotid arteries, that a stent will not be required, and for no blood clots or aneurysms
  • For Christine to be able to discern and best focus her limited energy and resources
  • For nerves to speedily regenerate, and for restoration of clear vision, smell, hearing, and taste