A Word From Fr. CLiff

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Frontpage News

Dear Christ Church,

Yesterday, for the first time since April 10th, I drove the exit where Christine’s accident happened. It felt like I was accessing a memory from seven months, not weeks, ago. The range of emotions and experiences in such a short period of time are that vast (if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, this blog will catch you up). At the top of the list are profound grief and joy, grief at the near-fatal and lingering injuries, and joy that God rescued her life and that she’s making a recovery. Chasing these two emotions, right on their heels, is a third: gratitude. We are overwhelmed and speechless at the outpouring of your love and support for us. Thank you for your practical, prayerful, loving, and generous demonstrations of friendship, advocacy, and affection. This Sunday I will take a moment to reflect further with you on the past seven weeks.

Staff Update. Christ Church, we have an amazing staff! They each have served each other, Christ Church, and the greater good with wholehearted devotion, as well as generosity of spirit during this crisis.  They’ve seen what’s needed to be done and executed it with excellence, wisdom, and joy.  They’ve been servant leaders, willing to do things they don’t normally do.  Matt Dampier and Carolyn Roman both entered staff (March 1 and April 1, respectively,) under extraordinary circumstances and responded in a manner worthy of and pleasing to our Lord, with such grace, bearing good fruit along the way.  Meghan, making similar adjustments, remained to provide a steady hand when she was supposed to be transitioning off staff.  Many thanks to all of you!

Going forward, I have some good news about a slightly adjusted staff configuration that I am pleased has come together.  Meghan is going to remain on staff, continuing to serve part-time as Assistant to the Rector.  And Carolyn will step into a full-time Office Administrator position that is vital support to many areas of Christ Church’s vision and mission, with half of her time going to the Office of the Rector, and the other half going to other ministry areas and general office assistance. Please note: any communications that would have been directed to Meghan and/or the Office of the Rector over the past few years will continue to be directed to her.

We had already planned and budgeted to add a half-time administrative position for other ministries, which we would’ve filled this summer.  I am delighted and grateful that Carolyn has said, “Yes!” to serving in this full-time Office Administrator position!  Carolyn has already skillfully assisted with a number of ministry areas, the Office of the Rector, and our general office.  I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for Christ Church, including our staff team, as we continue our search for a Youth Pastor and Director of Children’s Ministries.

Grateful to the Lord of Life, and to His People,

P.S.  This Sunday we start a short series on our Core Values, looking at “Changed World” and “City.”  We’ll also hear what our Communications Team is up to as we prepare to let the 112 Medina St. neighborhood, and our own neighbors, know about our move-in, and our desire to “love where we live.”

P.P.S.  This photo is from a few weeks ago in the rehab hospital, Christine regaining her superpowers. Her rehab continues at home now, as we “marvel” at her beautiful strong spirit.