Gratitude. Blood Thinners. Home Safety.


Cliff continues to read emails sent to the care email and cards addressed to Christine. They laugh, the cry, and are led to their knees in response. Christine is deeply blessed by the love, kindness, generosity, and wisdom shared. They encourage and sustain her and draw her attention to the beauty and wonder of God and His ways. She wishes she could pile them all on top of her to express her joy, gratitude, and savoring of each gift. To those of you who’ve written – Cliff and Christine say “Thank You”! Whether you’ve written before or not, your emails and cards are welcomed and appreciated!

Christine is halfway through the month of taking blood thinners to help address the risks and concerns associated with her damaged carotid arteries. In two weeks she will have another angiogram that will determine the next steps. The blood thinners make Christine susceptible to bruising. She is still healing from bone bruising in her feet, and from needles and other medical procedures. Because of dizzinness and balance issues, her therapists are concerned that she is even more susceptible to injury just moving around the house. Upon doing a home safety assessment they concluded: no floor clutter (shoes), no open drawers, and to ensure fire alarms are updated and confirmed to be working since Christine doesn’t have her sense of smell and would not be able to smell smoke. Thanks to a friend’s quick work, a handyman took care of that right away.

Please pray:

  • For healing of Christine’s carotid arteries, so that she does not have to get a stent, and free flowing blood and no clots or injuries
  • For therapists to have a clear sense and plan for how to best help Christine progress in her healing journey
  • For muscles and joints to remember how God meant them to work, and nerves to speedily regenerate
  • For restoration of clear vision, smell, hearing, and taste