Bryson OwenChristine

Today marks one week since Christine returned home from the hospital. She’s been so grateful and joyful to be back home, to nestle her kids close during their last week of school, to share rhythms with Cliff again, and to sit in her nook thinking and talking to the Lord. She loves it when Cliff makes her coffee even if she can’t taste it. Her week has been filled with appointments and testing and meeting with all her new therapists. Christine is pressing into all her therapies, and establishing a new rhythm and settling into a manageable pace. She is spent at the end of the day, and at various points throughout the day. Challenges remain with regard to hearing, vision, smell and taste…all needing discernment from the various specialists who are making assessments and determining courses of action.  Moving around with dizziness and balance issues has been a bit tricky. Her jaw and vocal chords have not progressed for a couple of weeks.

Please pray:

  • For healing of Christine’s carotid arteries, and free flowing blood and no clots
  • For therapists to quickly discern the progress thresholds that will help Christine stay on track of her healing journey
  • For muscles and joints to remember how God meant them to work
  • For nerves, nerves, and more nerves to speedily regenerate
  • For the Warner’s to receive from the Lord His story for Christine and each family member as well as the unit, as they encounter a new normal

Updates on Christine’s progress and prayer requests will continue, and be posted twice a week.  This season of healing and restoration will require all of Christine’s energy and focus, and will be her full-time job for a while. Also, traumatic brain injury causes high sensitivity to environmental stimulation. In the interest and hope of a full recovery, and to help ensure her home is conducive to healing and rest, we will continue to lovingly and selflessly give the gift of space and not visit the Warner home, or directly email, call or text Cliff and Christine. Our love and prayers are tangibly felt and deeply appreciated by the Warner family.