Bryson OwenChristine

Christine has been released from the the hospital, and will continue her recovery from home! A couple of days after her accident on April 10th, many hearts were turned to prayer inspired by Mark 5:42, when Jesus takes the hand of the synagogue ruler’s apparently dead daughter and says over her, “‘Talitha cumi,’ which means, ‘Little girl, I say to you, arise.’” The Lord has mercifully heard our prayers, and we rejoice in Christine’s miraculous recovery thus far. Thanks and Praise be to God!

Christine’s body is still very broken and in much pain. Tomorrow she will begin therapy 25 hours a week, and has weekly appointments with specialists and testing that will require discernment and treatment. Continued prayers are needed and appreciated.

This season of healing and restoration will require all of Christine’s energy and focus, and will be her full-time job for a while. Also, traumatic brain injury causes high sensitivity to environmental stimulation. In the interest and hope of a full recovery, and to help ensure her home is conducive to healing and rest, we will continue to lovingly and selflessly give the gift of space and not visit the Warner home, or directly email, call or text Cliff and Christine. Our love and prayers are tangibly felt and deeply appreciated by the Warner family.

Please pray:

  • For complete healing of her carotid arteries (which still pose a serious risk)
  • For full integration and wholeness of her facial reconstructive surgery (e.g. incision areas/pain, swelling, strengthening and settling of bones, scarring)
  • For restoration of her senses of sight, smell, hearing, and taste
  • For peace which surpasses understanding to guard her heart and mind; and for perfect love that casts out fear