This morning’s angiogram showed 70% restriction in Christine’s left carotid artery, with a “pocket” that has formed that could become a high-risk site for clot development. These conditions pose risk of a stroke or aneurysm. The doctor will wait one month before doing another angiogram to check it, in hopes that it will heal itself sufficiently. If it does not, he will consider a procedure involving a stent.

Today was a reminder of the big picture that, though Christine has survived multiple life-threatening injuries and is a “walking miracle,” in the words of her neurovascular surgeon, some serious medical issues and risks remain.

Soon, she will be discharged from the hospital to continue rehab with 20-25 hours/week of in-home therapy and frequent outpatient doctor visits. Recovery will continue to be her full time job for a while.

Prayer Requests:

  • That any and all blood clots would disappear
  • That the carotid arteries would heal themselves
  • For peace that passes understanding, and perfect love that casts out fear