Neuro Opthamologist


Christine saw a Neuro Opthamologist earlier today. It was a long appointment. The doctor doesn’t think the underlying issue with the eye is nerve-related (a good thing, since not much can be done if that’s the case), and ordered tests to help determine what the issues and options may be.  The angiogram is scheduled for Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, her daily therapies continue and some of the swelling seems to be going down.

Please pray:

  • For pain (jaw, face/head, feet) and swelling to decrease
  • For nerves to heal around the nose and sinus area, which could contribute to smell and taste
  • For insight and solutions regarding Christine’s eyesight and hearing
  • For the Holy Spirit to guide, protect and administer peace over all that Christine continues to process
  • For peaceful and restoring sleep, strength and protection for continued healing and recovery