Bryson OwenChristine

The procedure from this morning was successful, but as soon as the anesthesia wore off, Christine was in a lot of pain which stayed fairly acute for a few hours. Later in the afternoon, her physical therapy session was conducted in a swimming pool, and she experienced a new and challenging workout. Yesterday, in addition to her usual therapies, she saw an Ophthalmologist, but some questions remained unanswered regarding her eyesight. Remarkably, her eyes were not damaged by the accident, but one of the eye sockets had to be reconstructed. That eye is the most swollen, and doesn’t see well.  Sometimes she sees double, and sometimes there’s little to no focus. She can see well enough to get around, and make things out, but not clearly enough to read. The eye doctor recommended she see a Neuro Opthamologist. At the end of yesterday, she was given leave from the hospital to celebrate her oldest daughter’s birthday at a local  restaurant…a joyous occasion for all.  With all the activity of yesterday and today, she is wiped out and in need of some good R&R.

Please continue to pray:

  • For Christine’s pain levels and swelling to decrease, and (in her words) “for the Lord to give her the story for the day, not the pain”
  • For a highly skilled, highly competent Neuro Opthamologist who can address Christine’s vision recovery
  • For hearing ears, seeing eyes, a smelling nose, and a tasting tongue
  • For all doctors and specialist who are involved in Christine’s care to thoroughly and accurately assess her situation and determine what she needs to best heal and recover
  • For the Holy Spirit to guide, protect and administer peace over all that Christine is processing
  • For peaceful and restoring sleep and strength for continued healing and recovery