Christine gets a little bit of a respite on the weekends from her various therapies, but there are still a few appointments sprinkled throughout the day. She seems to be a favorite patient among all the nurses and technicians and therapists who work with her, who are amazed with her kind and engaging manner, even when she’s in pain which is often. The swelling around her eyes seems to have been more pronounced the past three days. She gets ointment in her eyes and drops in her left ear several times a day. She’s had some better stretches of sleep, but it’s not consistent. This week she will seen by the ENT and Opthamologist. She was blessed by sharing at Table with all of us, as each week the Eucharist is served to her by Cliff.

Please continue to pray:

  • For Christine’s pain levels and swelling to decrease
  • For hearing ears, seeing eyes, and a smelling nose
  • For the Holy Spirit to guide, protect and administer peace over all that Christine is processing
  • For peaceful and restoring sleep and strength for continued healing and recovery